Important SEO Tips


Search engine optimization is something you can’t go around if you want to have a successful website. You have to keep it in mind if you want your website to attract viewers and make your page visible. Whitby search engine optimization companies are rising in numbers, just as they are anywhere else in the world, and if you are looking for a SEO company , we’ve got some good news for you. We are the best SEO company for small businesses, and we will show you why, writing about some basics that we cover in our work with clients.

web6Singularity – you want your website to be about one, and one thing only. If you sell socks and flowers, it might be a good idea to separate the two, at least as far as the search engine optimization goes. Choosing one theme makes it easier to pick keywords and in return makes it easier for search engines to find you. In this case: less is more, and making yourself easier to find will always do you good. A true master is always the best at one thing, never at dozen of them, and you should apply that to your website.

web9Use of words – when you have narrowed your words down, use them wisely. Not all content was created equal and it certainly isn’t treated that way by the search robots. In order to make your words more visible, include them in titles, headings, site description and tag line as well as in your links. Hack, why stop there? Use the keywords in your permalinks, too! This way, you will boost the visibility and also make a better experience for the user that has to read through all that text.

web7Speed – even after you are found, that is just the start. Your page website must be fast and react quickly in order to make the user stay there and not run away. Only a light webpage is a fast one. Make sure you don’t make it heavy with large images, unnecessary high resolution graphics or complex JavaScript and Flash files. In this department, also – the less is more, and flashy design might be cool and mind blowing, but it counts for nothing if it’s the thing that drives your viewers away.

web8Pictures – just because they are pictures, that is no reason that they shouldn’t be readable. Searching robots are going through all the elements you have on your website and images are no exception. When posting pictures, make sure their name is their description at the same time. And if it’s a keyword at the same time – you’ve won a jackpot! Also, make sure that you give your pictures alt tags, with the same naming rule applied to them as with naming them. It’s much better having that, than a picture named “111affa.jpg” on your page.