Designing a Fitness Site


Web design is more than just making content appear in other people’s web browser. With the Internet being the ever present part of our daily routine, it has become more complex than ever before. Web design today is science, influenced by many factors and components. Making a good web page is a difficult task every time you start working on a new project. When we were making a website for personal trainers in Toronto we had a unique set of circumstances in front of us. The key was making a webpage that will allow people to get information about Whitby personal trainers and Oshawa fitness professionals. So what was the challenge?

web12Content – when creating a web location such is this one, there are some things to keep in mind. If you want to build a successful location you have to have the right content. No matter how good design and SEO is behind it, your page is nothing without good content. People who search this kind of information won’t be mesmerized by showy graphics or neat scripts. It’s good to have those, but people are coming to the location primarily to get info. Make the information obvious and easy to access. Don’t make the user click through the site in order to get what they need if you can put it on the front page. Be careful with that, you don’t want your front page to be crowded, but it should have some basic info there as well as pointers to the level two information area.

web13Responsive – responsive web design is a standard by now. The simple fact that more and more people use tablets and smart phones for web browsing is making it mandatory to adapt your website for other devices. But it’s not all about scaling your page to fit the smaller screen, there is more to that. Think about it. People that look for fitness guides are likely to be younger, use smart phones and look for data on the go. Make your website usable for them. Make it simple and easy to use on the phone just as it is on the large screen. If you have complicated Flash, Java or PHP scripts – make alternatives for the phone users that might not be able to see them. Funky gadgets are cool, but only when we can use them.

web14Design – After you make sure the stuff you need is on the site and everyone can see it, think about the visual style. Match the colors and overall concept to the market niche you are trying to hit. If it is a fitness site, colors need to be modern, vibrant or contrasted. Website needs to be lean and fresh, looking like it sounds, radiating fitness, professionalism and sport. Matching the colors to fit the mood will create a more complete experience making your website more pleasant to the eye. At the bottom line, everybody likes nice things and sometimes that will be the scale tipping factor that sets you apart from other locations.