4 Tips To Improve Your Web Page Efficiency

Creating pages, putting content online and making it available to customers is only the first step when the web design is in question. Every professional web site must aim not just to “be” out there, but also to be useful and interesting to the user. You will want user to find your site easily and then stay there and get the info or product that he needs. Your web site must complement the company or help the business, otherwise it’s just a waste of money. WordPress is and excellent CMS for this type of work

web1Logo – having a good, obvious and likable logo is very important in web design. Users are used to seeing it on top of the page, most often on the left side. Another user habit is to expect your logo to be a link to the home page, so make sure you do that too. Using the high resolution version of a logo is also important as it will make it pop out more and be smoother and cleaner. Make sure your logo matches the site colors and creates a complete picture of your enterprise or product.

web2Navigation – another element that you need to use with respect of user’s habits is the navigation bar. Navigation usually goes on top of the page, under the logo, in a horizontal tab. If there is more than one navigation bar on your site – here is a tip for you: rather than placing it under the primary one, place it in the right sidebar. This way you will make the page easier to read and navigate, helping the user. It might seem redundant, but people don’t want to struggle and think too much about the website they are visiting. They are there to get things done, and simple navigation is a web speedway.

web3Focus – one site is one complex body, but you also need to keep in mind that every page by itself is just as important. When designing the look of your pages, make sure they are not too crowded with information and graphic content. User’s eyes will get lost or confused in such an environment, and you should shift your efforts towards getting your page to be simple and easy to look at and understand. User can’t spend more than a few seconds deciding where to go or what to do next. Sites with such problems will have only short visits and no one will come back to visit it the second time.

web4Composition – just like in a painting, every page on your web site must have good composition. If your page is text oriented, try to establish a rhythm in order to make the text more interesting. Add pictures and titles now and then, separate them so the user has a feeling of dynamic. This way your text will be interesting and people will love visiting your web site again and again. This rule applies to all other websites, you just need to think how to make it more interesting for the visitor.